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Welcome to my portfolio!


My name is Kim and I am a passionate photographer based in Berlin. I was a young teenager when I discovered my love for capturing authentic moments through my lens.


I believe that every person has a unique story to tell, and my goal is to help them tell it through my pictures.

I am not a staged photographer and prefer to capture candid moments rather than posed shots. I love getting to know new people and hearing their stories, and I strive to create images that truly reflect their personalities and experiences.

Whether you're looking for family portraits, event photography, or anything in between, I would be thrilled to work with you. Browse my portfolio to see some examples of my work, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested in collaborating on a project.


I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy creating them!


My works

e d i t o r i a l
p e o p l e
p r e g n a n c y
t o d d l e r

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